Blue Bird Fire Memorial

On August 31, 2012, a memorial was unveiled by the city of Montreal to mark the 40th anniversary. A mass was held as well as a march by families of the victims along with a photo exhibit at city hall, with a vigil on September 1.

Candlelight Vigil September 1st, 2011

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CTV News coverage of the event
Excellent article by Kristian Gravenor

On September 1, 1972, thirty seven people lost their lives at the Wagon Wheel bar which was above the Blue Bird Cafe on Union St. Three drunk young men who had been refused from entering earlier because they were too intoxicated, poured gasoline in the staircase and set it on fire. Inside, the main fire escape was blocked. There is still no memorial on the site to remember these individuals.
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video Part 2

Lets Get A Memorial For The Montreal Blue Bird Cafe Fire Victims Of 1972